Service price plan

Mobile clients of Maatrix service are free for everybody.

The Maatrix system operation is priced according to the chosen type of service by monthly or yearly subscription. Each service type is ranked in three price schedules: free, basic and big. The difference in each price schedule is in the maximum number of users linked to this service. Price of the service is independent on the number of linked users and number of sent messages/initiating an event of the respective service within the frame of those limits. An example of the price schedule (the price schedule is defined for each type of service individually).

tab Price m3 EN

*) We consider unlimited number of messages/initiating of an event to be the standard usage. By standard usage we mean operating up to 10 000 events of one service per 1 calendar month. Should your operation need more frequent usage, contact us. For some types of service usage the frequency may be limited for instance for 5 event initializations per 1 minute, the reason for which may be e.g. personal protection of users.

**) Prices are given without VAT

If you need a personalized plan (e.g. more users), do not hesitate to contact us.

The service is free for our application partners both for development purposes and for their own use. Please, contact us here in case of interest.