Push Notifications

The Maatrix mobile application is triggered by the so-called push notifications of the mobile phone operating system (GCM - Google Cloud Messaging on Android and APNS - Apple Push Notification Service on iPhone). The mobile application itself then does not have to regularly login to the server to check whether there is a new message for it, but all is handled by the mobile phone operating system. This significantly saves the battery and the necessary data transfers. However, there is a catch - in order for the application to work these notifications must be enabled and properly configured on the phone.


  • Settings > Applications > Maatrix - "Show notifications" enabled
  • Settings > Data usage in your Android; click on the menu and make sure that "Disable background data" is off
  • Settings > Data usage > Maatrix in your Android; make sure that "Disable background data" is off
  • Settings > Wi-Fi, click on the menu button, open "Advanced" and make sure that "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" is set to "Always"
  • Settings > Protected applications > Maatrix application is listed in the protected applications that allow notification even when the mobile device is "asleep".

If the notifications for Maatrix still do not arrive, try the following:

  • Uninstall or deactivate all applications that may disrupt notifications, such as applications that terminate processes or save the battery ("GOTaskmanagerEX", "Super Task Killer", "Juice Defender" etc.), or applications that restrict the permissions of the installed applications such as e.g. XPrivacy, Privacy Guard, App Ops, software firewall applications such as DroidWall, Personal Firewall for Android.
  • You can install Push Notification Fixer if your network is offline. This free application will ensure that your Android device will always have working notifications. It sends periodic hits more often so that the network provider or the network routers do not disconnect.


Settings > Notification centre > Maatrix > Set to Notification, enable sounds, notifications in the Notification centre, On locked screen


Problems with the Wi-Fi network

If you connect your phone using a Wi-Fi connection, the following complications may occur to prevent reception of a Maatrix application message:

  • Wi-Fi connection does not enable TCP ports 5228-5230 for GCM, port 5223 for APNS or port 443 (https)
  • Wi-Fi connection reroutes the communication to a web page for user login to the Internet (very often the case of free Wi-Fi in restaurants, hotels etc.) and until the user is logged on, the communication is disabled

Since Wi-Fi communications are preferred for most phones when switching on mobile data and Wi-Fi communications at the same time, it is possible that even if you have both data transfer and Wi-Fi networks enabled, an automatically connected Wi-Fi network with one from the above-mentioned complications will prevent notification of a new incoming Maatrix system message.

The above settings and possible complications do not concern only Maatrix but push notifications in general, and therefore our application has no effect on them.